World Class Services and Solutions for Global Transparency

Introducing RadarX, our Free Disclosure Dashboard

Xogene offers innovative technologies and expert services to meet global clinical trial transparency requirements.



Oversee your global transparency activities on our lightweight intuitive platform

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Environmental Monitoring

Stay up-to-date on transparency requirements in over 40 countries with our knowledge base

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Get compliance and forecast metrics with our free disclosure dashboard

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How we work together

We bring high-quality services, innovative technologies, and unparalleled experience together to ensure you meet your transparency obligations


Clinical Trial Transparency and Disclosure

Xogene offers a suite of transparency services to meet evolving regulatory needs, from helping to build a newly emerging transparency capability to augmenting an already mature process.

Regulatory Intelligence

Xogene’s active Regulatory Intelligence team captures and catalogues current information from over 40 countries to provide a 360-degree coverage of the regulatory landscape.

Management Consulting

From Gap analysis to process reengineering, our experts can work with you to assess and reshape your transparency capabilities.

Medical Writing

Xogene’s expert medical writing staff have the skills and experience to develop high quality, concise documents that span the breadth of your transparency documentation needs.

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