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Recent Global Data Sharing initiatives have pushed the clinical trial disclosure scope ever wider to include not only registration and results postings, but also sharing of redacted clinical documentation, anonymized data sets, and the delivery of clinical results in a plain language format.

Regulatory agencies, industry trade organizations, and a growing base of global stakeholders continue to work to increase the breadth of the trial information being made available in response to the increasing demand from both public and private spheres alike.

"Our 95% contract renewal rate can be attributed to the personalized attention we give to all our partners, both small and large."

Paul Ngai

Co-Founder and CEO

Our Suite of Services


Xogene offers a suite of transparency services to meet evolving regulatory needs, from helping to build a newly emerging transparency capability to augmenting an already mature process. We provide a “best shore” model with offices in the US and India, allowing us to field urgent work and ensuring all tasks have around-the-clock coverage.

Whether you need regulatory guidance, process optimization, or outsourcing of disclosure work, Xogene will help pave the way to better transparency.

Our team is highly specialized and experienced in trial transparency regulations and best practices. Let us help you fulfill your regulatory obligations and achieve maximum compliance.

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