Regulatory Intelligence

Understanding Your Transparency Regulatory Landscape in a Constantly Evolving World

As clinical trial disclosure landscape evolves constantly, companies need to quickly calibrate their transparency activities to incorporate changes in global, regional and local country requirements.

Regulatory Intelligence

A Point in Time or Continuous Insight into Regulatory Requirements from Over 40 Countries

In this ever-changing regulatory environment, companies are finding it difficult to keep up with the latest transparency requirements. Finding information on regulatory changes is challenging enough, but to decipher and assess them for impact is even more difficult.

Xogene’s active regulatory intelligence team collects and collates information sourced globally and provides up-to-date information as requested or on a subscription basis. Using current information, the team can also perform impact assessments on portfolios of studies for transparency compliance. 

Our knowledge base of regulatory information will provide you the context to proactively develop your transparency capabilities.

How we help:

  • Gathering, collation, and analysis of global regulatory change
  • Notification of critical regulatory changes
  • Portfolio impact assessments
  • On-line regulatory intelligence portal with daily news-feeds

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