Get hands-on help from our experts.

Whether it’s complex data disclosure, plain language summary creation, data anonymization or redaction, our team is here to help.

Our team of experts actively participate in global working groups to help shape and define the Clinical Trial Transparency landscape. 

With our extensive regulatory knowledge, we’ve developed best practices so you can meet timelines cost-effectively with the highest quality standards.

Registration and Results

Meet your compliance deadlines with confidence

Clinical trial disclosure is a key activity that shapes the public’s view of your company’s clinical practices. Our focused knowledge and rigorous techniques will maximize the impact that your disclosure work has on your company’s profile.

Our highly-trained and experienced team ensures accurate disclosure of your trial protocol and results in the global transparency forum. We are expert writers who understand the science, the systems, and the laws behind clinical trial disclosure. We specialize in extracting key information from your source documents then drafting clear and concise information to meet local registry requirements. We strive for excellence in both quality and timeliness.

How we help:

  • Protocol and results postings to, EudraCT, and local registries
  • Record maintenance and amendment updates in accordance with the registry and regulatory requirements
  • Congruency check for alignment across registries
  • Quality Check by independent quality teams
  • Workflow planning and oversight

Document Redaction

The power of innovative technology and deep regulatory knowledge

Whether your organization is planning a Policy 0070 submission to the EMA, responding to an external request for clinical information, or preparing documents for upload to a registry, Xogene provides anonymization and redaction support for the full scope of clinical documents.

As a technology-oriented company with expertise in artificial intelligence, we leverage machine learning and pattern recognition to deliver high quality and cost-effective work. Services range from the full suite of support for Policy 0070 to a la carte redaction of specific documents.

How we help:

  • Full EMA Policy 0070 submission package (Redaction proposal document, Anonymization Report, Justification Table, Cover Letter, Final anonymized document)
  • Automated PPI (Protected Personal Information) redaction
  • Automated data anonymization
  • CCI (Commercially Confidential Information) redaction including the review of company confidentiality policies against regulations to determine CCI elements to be de-identified
  • SAP and Protocol redaction for US Final Rule compliance
  • Expedited (24-48 hour) redaction for EMA Policy 0043 requests
  • Communication plan, process oversight, and project management support

Plain Language Summaries

Clear, informative, and non-promotional summaries of trials

Global Transparency Regulations in the European Union will soon require summarized trial results in a plain language format that is easy to read and accessible to a wide audience.

This requirement connects transparency initiatives with the people who benefit from them the most: patients, caregivers, friends, and family. Essentially, all of us.

For companies taking the important steps toward implementation of plain language summary initiatives, Xogene provides the critical skills to bridge the gap between clinical trial information and the patients who participate in them. Our transparency specialists extract key scientific data, translate medical texts into plain language, and package the summary in a visually appealing format. Our specialists and plain language writers ensure that the trial information is summarized simply, fluidly and accurately without being promotional.

How we help:

  • Source document assessment, to identify key trial information
  • Plain Language Authoring of the core English language summary document
  • Summary template development, including graphic design
  • Coordination of review and approval with identified reviewers
  • Translation into relevant languages
  • Communication Plan
  • Site distribution
  • Tracking and Oversight
  • Project Management

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Got questions?

We're here to help.

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